What are Incoterms®?

Incoterms® are a set of international rules for the interpretation of trade terms and is an abbreviation of International Commercial Terms. Incoterms® is a trademark from the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Guide Incoterms<sup>®</sup> 2010

What do Incoterms® regulate?

  • The distribution of documents.
  • The conditions for delivering goods.
  • The cost of transporting goods.
  • The responsibility of risk in shipping the goods.

Incoterms® do not cover:

  • The conditions of the sale.
  • The condition of the goods.
  • The warranty of the goods.
  • The payment or nonpayment of the goods.

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Why should I use Incoterms®?

Using Incoterms® in your purchase and sale contract helps partners in different countries to understand each other and makes global trade easier.

Where can I buy Incoterms®?

You can buy Incoterms® at the International Chamber of Commerce or at bookstores like Amazon.

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